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At Tucson Cactus & Koi, we are passionate about providing our customers

with an incredible shopping experience, from start to finish. 

As a family owned and operated small business,

we take pride in offering an unbelievable variety of cacti and succulents,

drought hardy trees and shrubs, low light houseplants and so much more.

 Our competitive pricing, extensive selection of unique and healthy plants,

from landscape quality to collector cactus & mature specimen pieces,

thoughtfully displayed throughout three acres of incredible, 

makes us the best nursery in town.


Don't miss our Koi Shop, offering a large selection of colorful koi fish & hardy water plants;

or ask our team how we can help conceptualize, build or remodel an existing pond.

Not sure where to start? We can help.

 Create a captivating landscape for your home today.

Get expertise advice and guidance, when you need it. 

Our knowledgeable staff have years of experience in the industry

and are dedicated to providing top notch, customized service, just for you.

Visit our beautifully landscaped gallery to see our stunning selection of plants today.

Wander the aviary gardens, feed the resident koi (and Pete the turtle)

or come by to see what's in bloom at Tucson Cactus & Koi... 


We're more than just a nursery...we're a destination.



  • Knowledgeable Staff

  • Incredible Inventory

  • Healthy, Unique Plants and Koi

  • Quality Pottery

  • Customized Service

  • Competitive Pricing

  • Happy Clients | Homeowners | Builders & Developers |  Landscape Architects & Contractors | Restaurants & Resorts

  • Shop Local | Support Small Business 

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