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Nymphaea “Pink Pearl” Day blooming non-viviparous. Will over winter in zones 9 to 11. Plants size is medium. Flower is a cup shaped pink, 4” to 6” across. Leaves are green 4“ to 8“ across. Has about a 2’ to 5’ spread. Best to grow in 6” to 18” of water. Flowers are very fragrant and stand well above the waters surface. You can grow this one in a one, two or three gallon container. Good for earthen ponds as well. The Pink Pearl is one of the best bloomers and growers there is. One year we sold a Pink Pearl that had 12 blooms on it, the remarkable thing was it was only growing in a 1 gallon container. Will tolerate shade especially in hotter climates. Best to grow in full sun.

Pink Pearl

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