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Nympheae “Dauben” Day blooming Viviparous. Also know as Daubenyana. Will over winter in zones 9 to 11. Plant size is small-medium. Flower is a cup shaped blue, 3” to 6” across. Leaves are green 3“ to 7“ across. Has about a 1.5’ to 5’ spread. Best to grow in 2” to 18” of water. Flowers are very fragrant and stand well above the waters surface. You can grow this one in a one/half, one, two or three gallon container. Good for earthen ponds as well. This in the most dependable water lily out there. It freezes here about 40 to 50 times a year and Dauben’s will still bloom all winter long for us. Dauben’s will sometimes bloom a new little plant off of its own mature leave. If you want a very small tropical just plant in a very small container and it will stay small and still bloom all the time. Will tolerate shade especially in hotter climates. Best to grow in full sun. This tropical thinks it’s a Hardy.


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