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The columnar cactus, “Senita”, or pachycereus schottii monstrosus , grows fifteen feet tall and about ten feet wide, branching upwards from its strong base at ground level to form thickets. Each stem produces about five to ten ribs and clusters of areolas with bristle-like gray spines. Hairy beards cover the ends of the spiny stems on some plants, reflecting its common name senita, which means “old one” in Spanish. In spring, it develops pale pink flowers on upper stems of the plant. The blossoms open during the night and then close when the sun starts to rise in the morning. The plant is pollinated by a small moth that lives its life solely on this cactus. After blooming, it produces a spineless, edible, red, oval, fleshy fruit with red pulp. This fruit was a vital food source for early inhabitants of Arizona and Mexico. The seeds were separated from the pulp and then ground into a nutritious meal. Native Americans believed that the senita cactus fruit was a powerful, spiritual plant. Use it as a specimen against tall walls or buildings as a strong vertical accent. Also use it in containers, raised beds, or areas where water is not readily available. This plant is native to the Organ Pipe National Forest in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona and along the Gulf of California in Mexico growing 1,000 to 2,000 feet in elevation.

Senita 6"

  • We select and ship only the finest quality cactus, succulents, and plants. We pack them individually and carefully to ensure they arrive safely. Tolerable living conditions depend on a growing region’s climate and may not be suitable compared to the Southwest. Due to the risk factor involved when shipping living plants, as well as numerous factors outside of our control, we do not accept refunds or store credit at this time. However, we will provide you with documents and pictures that your plant left our facility healthy and vibrant. We are always available via email or over the phone to answer any questions regarding planting, growing, watering, etc., to ensure you have the knowledge and tools to have a great experience. We look forward to serving your cactus needs.

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