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Nymphaea “Mameaw” Day blooming Viviparous. Will over winter in zones 9 to 11. Plant size is Medium-large. Flower is raspberry-red, 4” to 8” across. Leaves are green 6“ to 12“ across. Has a 3’ to 7’ spread. Best to grow in 6” to 18” of water. Flowers are very fragrant and stand well above the waters surface. You can grow this one in a one, two or three gallon container. Good for earthen ponds as well. Mameaw is Jessie’s (my wife’s) and my favorite Tropical water lily. Always blooming these magnificent dark flowers that are very eye catching. Great bloomer and grower. Stays up longer in the season than most and will still bloom thru ice for us in the winter. Will tolerate shade especially in hotter climates. Best to grow in full sun.


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